Saturday, January 31, 2009

7:15 Friday night, 1/30

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On my way out the door to see the BSG show at a friend's house. This is about as large as I can get my eyes!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

7:15 1/29

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1/27/2009 Blowfish

Frank and I ate dinner at Blowfish on Tuesday night. Look at what arrived with our sushi roll.

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Hey buddy...

1/26/09 7:15 p.m.

1/26/2009 - Monday night. Frank and I were making dinner. We are definitely wearing Monday on our faces. Frank in his running outfit, and I in my office outfit. There's champagne and wine out, as our meal cooked.

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1/25 Sunday night

1/25, Sunday night, 7:15. I was talking to mom. What on earth am I wearing? I put that hat on to hide my hair. I was roller skating earlier that day.
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1/24/09 7:15 Housewares...

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1/24 7:15 Housewares aisle in Target. Frank and I were registering for our wedding. I need a cast iron skillet...who doesn't?

1/23/09 7:15

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Just leaving work after a fruitful day of getting things done. I had a woman take my photo as I waited for the N-Judah at Montgomery Street Station.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

In action

Photographer in action...what am I looking at?
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Thursday, January 22, 2009

7:15 1/22

I pulled up to an open garage at home as the alarm sounded that it was time for the photo. I caught Frank fixing the door to the Jeep. I may have window independence this weekend.
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Here I am.
Hands on Hips
Smile on my Lips.

7:15 p.m. 1/22 SPAM

LOST Party - Island dinner themed...

Thai marinated shrimp with home made peanut sauce - contributed by me
Green Papaya Salad, spicy - delivered by Todd, created by Melanie
Island spiced vegetable kabobs - thanks to Jan
Grilled Pineapple - speared by Frank
Coconut Rice - steamed by Melanie
SPAM sliders - in honor of the Hawaiian palate
Island punch with strawberries - mixed by Judith
Mango and Coconut sorbet and macaroons - presented by Bob and Iris

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Season premiere of LOST. It was a lotta LOST.

7:15 p.m. Obama Day

This was the night of the inauguration of President Obama. I drove in to work that day. So, when my alarm went off on my phone to take a photo, I grabbed the camera to show what I was doing - DRIVING HOME!

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it's like that at work right now...long days which lead into dark nights when I leave the office.

Monday, MLK & 7:15

MLK day was full of work. I decided to honor it by going through Yerba Buena Gardens to visit the MLK Jr fountain.

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That's the SFMoMA in the distance and the fountain is on the right. It's silvery...
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7:15 Monday night, Frank and I discussed our wedding vows. we decided that we're "tying the knot." I took this photo of myself reading "theKnot" magazine in the corner of my living room.
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Sunday, January 18, 2009

7:15 p.m. 1/18/09

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Me embarking from Dad's 08 Altima. He parks it in our garage while he visits. The JEEP gets to live outside for a few days. Dad took me to Borders. I bought "Maui Revealed" in anticipation of my honeymoon.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

1/17/09 7:15

What a day...1/17/2009...7:15 ish because I missed the exact moment to take a photo. We grilled steaks, roasted potatoes, steamed vegetables, and drank beer. It was a good time. The sewing machine is at the head of the table.

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Today, Dad could not find his camera. He searched high and low, even thinking at one point his car had been broken into. As it turns out, he had left it outside of his car in our driveway. The neighbors, whom have never said ONE WORD TO US, found the camera, picked it up, and returned it to us. They thought it was odd it was outside. I hugged her. I didn't even get her name. We're considering what we'll give her tomorrow in exchange for the return of the camera. It's great to know that there are honest people in the world.

Friday, January 16, 7:15ish

Dad came to town for a visit. We went to dinner at Pasquale's in the Inner Sunset. Mom arrived at 9:26 later that evening.

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Clearly, baked raviolis trumped looking at the camera. Those raviolis enjoyed some time on Dad's Stac Pac jacket, too. He flipped his fork two times so that marinara sauce landed on the almighty green jacket. Thank you, shout it out!

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Me-n-Frank across the table from the baked raviolis.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

1/14/2009 7:15ish

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Super Disco Shadow Box...

1/13/2009 7:15ish

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It's been fun to find new ways to capture myself in different situations. I had just put on my jacket and was on my way dowstairs at the Sheraton hotel in Denver. I had to cross this bridge between the hotel buildings. That's me in the reflection of the mirror...

1/12/2009 7:15

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Another shot on the plane. This time I took it of myself, instead of my reflection. The Southwest flight only had 21 other passengers, including my boss. He and I flew for a Mobile Marketing Conference to Denver

Sunday, January 11, 2009

7:15 p.m. day 3, 4, & 5

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7:15ish, 1/8/2008. I was sitting in row 20D on Jet Blue in Long Beach. I flew down to the OC for the day. I attended a funeral for my friend's mother. I think the smile is due to the nice glass of wine I just ingested along with the chicken noodle soup. Liquid dinner...yes.

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7:15, 1/9/2009, Beach Chalet Restaurant - dessert! Frank and I split the chocolate cake dessert. I would not go back there again. The service was less than desirable, but was made up by the company I was with.

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7:15, 1/10/2009. Frank and I went to see "Gran Torino" while Bob and Iris saw "The Wrestler" in an adjacent theatre at the Metreon. I enjoyed the movie, and will be interested to see how it does at the awards shows this year.

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7:15, 1/11/2009. Here I am at home, fresh out of the shower, without make-up, sitting at the computer. As plain as I am, the Golden Globes are playing in the background with very beautifully made-up actors.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

7:15 p.m. day 2

Today, 1/7/2009, I had my second dress fitting for my wedding gown. It was a good time. The dress fit through my waist, so it really felt like my dress. The next fitting is on 1/17/09. Mom will be in town, so that will be fun for her to see it

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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

7:15 p.m. day 1

I heard a story this morning on NPR about a group of people who take a photo of what they're doing at the same time every day. This is what inspired me today to capture a moment of my day, every day.

Tonight, I got my nails done after work at Nail Art 1116 Irving Street, San Francisco.
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