Friday, January 25, 2008

Moraga and 35th - what a great place this has been. We've done a bit of dcecorating and straightening up around the house for 2008. We're excited to have our guests arrive soon!

The first photo is of our terrace which contains lights strung across and some plants. Currently, it's been raining so hard that we really can't enjoy the terrace now.

The second and third photos are my latest decorating project. I took an old calendar of Paris and cut out the nicest of the 14 images. I purchased 9 frames that looked somewhat antique, and cut the images to size. I chose to fill the frame with the entire image. I think its a nice alternative to a headboard. Let's just hope the "big one" doesn't hit while our guests are sleeping there.

The final photo is of the current state of the backyard. Having gone out there this afternoon, I'm in for a real weekend treat of getting that backyard in shape. In the back left corner, is a cherry blossom tree. What I thought was stick weeds in the middle turns out to be a rose bush. There is a concrete slab which will soon get a fresh coat of paint. And I'm going to do something about all the clover and grass.

Welcome Springtime...Welcome!

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